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 Where the Lighthouse ends

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PostSubject: Where the Lighthouse ends   Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:10 pm

hey guys i hope you like it

Where The Lighthouse Ends

Everyday threw rain and snow or any other weather I would I would go up to my lighthouse with red and white bright stripes painted all over it. My thinking place the please where only I Lana Plow existed. The place where the rain wouldn't fall off the roof but drip in side. Where the snow would always be golden white but not stick but slither back inside. My own place where everything was mine. My heart was free,my mind was racing, and my breath wasted every single second of my life. I Lana Plow was free until the day my lighthouse road ended.

Everyday running home from school lighthouse rapidly repeated in my head 100 times over and over again. The snow crunched gladly beyond my feet and the snow fell far above the sky sticking to my strawberry blond hair. About a mile away lay a abandoned lighthouse my lighthouse. A special place where everything was me. Water fresh and golden and pure. Slipping all your worries away so all that was left was you. But this day was different a noise loud not of water swooshing up to shore. But a blistering sound a bolder and a horn shouting
Suddenly all my worries came back to me in horror but the worse worry of all was they were tearing down the lighthouse my lighthouse.

NO! screamed the echoing voice inside my head. The day I had dreaded for my whole entire life had finally arrived. My head was about to explode with the dramatic things all floating around in my brain.”Knock the lighthouse down!” screamed the overpowering crowd.”not today the lighthouse will come down on Friday November,13,2009 said the great orange vest dude.”Figures” I mumbled to myself. I just felt like bursting out bawling like the grape juice boxes I would squeeze until every last drop of grape juice was eliminated. I stood there shocked waiting for people to just leave my lighthouse alone. When they all left I climbed up the front steps of the rusty old latter seeing everything inside it made my heart burn. The tears just kept shedding out I couldn't control them. I just had to find a way to save my hope. This lighthouse was practically my whole life. Each day from 3:00-8:30 I would spend my days writing how I felt on the walls. I had to save my lighthouse and scene it was November 9th I head 4 more days to save the only thing that was mine.

The next morning BEEP!! went my alarm clock over and over again. The air was cold and crisp seeing my breath misty and warm.”School!” I groaned after what happened yesterday I didn't feel like seeing anyone's face “honey come on your gonna be late for school! “coming!” I shouted running down the steps grasping the railing so I don't tumble down the stairs. My moms up in the kitchen with her hair in a bun drying off the dishes.”what about break..” she starts to say but I cut her off and head straight for the bus. All day I couldn't think about school. I wanted to ditch but I knew that wouldn't do me any good. Writing class was the only time I did pay attention I started making my plan after school I would put it to action.

I hopped on my bike and peddled as fast as I could down the steep hill gliding in to my ally. I barged inside. I grabbed the following things. Black paint,Paint brush,and some fresh clear water. I ran toward the lighthouse like a bolt of lightning being careful not to drop any of the paint. I raced up the ladder carefully being extra careful not to slip I climbed over the outside rim painting big black letters on the outside of the lighthouse. I scanned over the paint carefully reading the following “save the lighthouse”. When I was done I sighed throwing my paintbrush to the ground smiling to myself. I felt good about what I did. I may get in trouble but it's worth it. The next minute the sky went dark and next thing I knew I was asleep on the hardwood floor of my lighthouse dreaming of the wonderful things that we coming my way.

“Lana!!” I heard my mom screaming in my dream. Thing was it wasn't a dream. I popped my eyes open looking out the sea threw window of the lighthouse. My mom standing there shivering in the dark night sky.”Lana!!” she screamed and hugged me. Her blue sweater was freezing compared to my fluffy brown coat. “Mom I'm so sorry I fell asleep I was busy and..” “i understand” said her mother getting in to the cat the heat felt so good on my pale white skin. The next thing I knew I was in bed with the warm covers tucked over my head.

When I woke up in the morning I felt like I was standing on lava. My eyes burned staring at the light above my face. I groaned not wanting to go to school.”yay! 7 more hours of complete boredom I said to myself slipping on my demon jeans and purple plaid shirt. Before school I went for a run to my lighthouse where I had left most of my stuff last night. It rained so hard that the big black letter were now smeared across the edge of the lighthouse. I frowned right then I heard the bell ring in the distance no wonder I was frowning. I took a deep breath and ran toward my school.

The 7 hours lasted forever! All I could hear was blah blah blah blah blah!I started to make plan be put up signs everywhere. I wasn't sure if it would work but it was worth a try. After school I wondered around from street to street hanging up signs that said”Save the lighthouse” printed in big purple realistic letters. I sighed really hoping it would work. There was only 2 little more days left Sad.

In the morning I yawned and went out to put up more signs. I saw my signs everywhere all wet and drippy. Then I passed one specific one it had writing on it. Writing that was not my writing, I looked over it and it said the following “who cares about a stupid lighthouse down with it!”. That made my Stomach Arch or at least Churn anyway. My lighthouse was not stupid I said on fire it was something that I'd been willing to fight for. I tried to rub off the Dumb saying but it had just smeared over my saying. I threw that paper in my bag frustrated. No one understood me how I was feeling right now. But I was gonna fight for it! I don't care what people say but I'm gonna do everything I can to save my only hope!

Back to school I was so exited that I payed attention to everything my teacher said. I was a little jumpy after school but I had made my new plan I was sure it would work. I ran out to the grocery store and bought a yellow bull horn and as much paper as anyone could bye or could afford. 3 hours later 12:00 at night I had spent writing a speech. I was determined to fight I did the best handwriting I could. I closed my eyes and rested on my brown wooden desk for one second and then the next I fell in to a deep sleep resting on top of my paper.

Wednesday,November 12 2009, it was. I turned my head over to the clock on the wall it was 10:00! oh boy am I gonna hear it from my teacher! I quickly got dressed slipping on a pink flowered skirt and a tye died tee shirt. Making myself huff as I ran down the stairs I knew I was gonna get busted. I saw my ma standing by the table eating eggs and bacon with a plate for me right next to her. I felt very confused ovisly she caught on to my confused look because she said “i figured you had enough on your mind” and smiled “thank you ma!” I screeched . I ate the bacon with a mixed grin across my face. The day had already gone of to a great start!

After breakfast I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to the lighthouse. I stood in front of it and I imaged a wreaking ball in front of it destroying every last bit of it. A small tear went town my cheek as I shook off the feeling. I smiled as I grabbed the small broom and cleaned out everything that was in it just in case. The only thing I kept in it was the sign my mom helped me make when I was 2 years old. We put tons of glitter all over it! And it said Lana's Lighthouse . The night slowly faded away 15 hours to clean out that lighthouse you wouldn't believe how much stuff I had in there! I pulled out a black sleeping bag out of my pack and took out my favorite book in the whole world Chasing Redbird. Then the next moment I was asleep peacefully with a book on top of my chest dreaming of tomorrow.

When I woke up in the morning there was shouting and screaming everywhere. Most of it was “There is a little girl in there!”. I walked out on the ladder and watched everybody's mouth fall open with while mine was twitching with glee. “Get down from there!!” shouted a orange vest dude I guessed he was a construction person by the clothes he was wearing. “Not unless you agree not to knock this lighthouse down!!!” The bolder snorted and laughed. “What does a small little country girl got to do with a rusting old lighthouse like this”. Here comes my big speech I thought to myself and smiled and sighed. I thought over it this was gonna save my lighthouse.

“Because this lighthouse means everything to me. It's a place where my thoughts stay safe where nothing comes out and scurry's away but stays locked in for good. A place where I can cry when I don't want anyone to see or hear me. Where I can be alone. Where nothing bad happens. Haven't any of you had a special secret place where you know and love” I said as a tear slid down my cheek. I saw everyone nod through my blurry eyes filled up with tears even the construction worker.”listen kid I was assigned to knock down this lighthouse I'm sorry but it has to go.”. I cried out more tears then the ocean and knew just now I was gonna make the biggest mistake of my life.” fine! If the lighthouse is going I'm going to!” I screamed. I caught my moms worried eyes with the I'm sorry look and sat down right smack in the middle of the lighthouse.

The construction workers expression I could tell was not a good one. I could hear him talking to ma through the walls.” my daughters in there!” she screamed in a rapid cry in the workers face. “ calm down miss she will come out when she is ready”. I snorted when I'm ready? Like I'm ever gonna be ready. I guess my mom knew me pretty good to because she she said the exact same I just said that I was never gonna be ready. The construction worker then called the police to come and get me but I still refused. The cops could take me to jail in fact I was only 12. I wasn't worried at all but yet satisfied with myself for trying to save something that I believed in.

It was 5:00 and I had attracted half of the city. Just then a limo care came up I gulped a huge thorn down my throat the man who got out of the limo was the boss. He climbed up the rusty lighthouse steps. He came in with a soothing smile on his face and I guess he saw how worried I was because he said”Don't worry Hun I'm only gonna ask you on question”.I sighed with relief and hand singled OK. “how much does this lighthouse mean to you?he said. As much as my whole life does I've been in here everyday scene I was 2 you can't let them tear it down you just can't sir!” I sobbed just then he gave my a brief smile and told the workers to go off. I was confused until my mom climbed up the front steps and smiled I won!

Later on that day me and my mom made tons more artwork to put upon the lighthouse and invited everyone to come see it. By then the lighthouse was saved and the workers were fired for almost knocking down a lighthouse with me in it. Every time I say that it makes me giggle. Serves them right. I msiled to myself and spent everyday in my lighthouse but it wasn't my lighthouse it was everyone's lighthouse now and that's how me Lana Plowa saved the lighthouse.
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Where the Lighthouse ends
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